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We teach almost any style here at Minuet Music Studios. Whether it be Pop, Musical Theatre, Classical or Opera just to name a few, Lisa is a  fantastic teacher that is keen and able to teach in these different styles.  


        She uses scales and exercises to develop range, tone, and the quality of your voice as well as teaching you about breathing, vocal health and performance techniques along with many other aspects of voice.  Songs are worked on from the very first lesson, to ensure you are developing your understanding and enjoyment of expressing a “story, situation and/or mood”.


        For singers there is an even greater opportunity in Geelong to be involved in auditions and performances.  We can help you get in touch with these opportunities if you desire to make singing a bigger part of your life.  But for those that want to do it simply for themselves, we value this just as highly.  We realise that it’s what the student wants that matters, because, in the end, they are the one’s that know best what music can do for them.

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