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Private Tuition

For All Ages

We specialize in teaching music on a ‘one -on-one’ basis.

We have chosen to be a school exclusively that is focused on teaching and opportunities for students. 

We love teaching! 


All our teachers are passionate and genuinely enjoy guiding students through learning their chosen instrument. 


We have created a fun and exciting atmosphere for students to learn in and to inspire their creativity.


It is also important to us; for the more advanced students; to allow and guide them to develop as musicians, finding their own voice and style, and encourage them to write their own music.


For private lessons, we keep the tuition to the location of the Studios, to provide quality equipment for piano and singing students in their lessons.  


We believe it is very important to have ample opportunity for parents to be involved and good communication with teachers.


We don’t mind how old you are as we teach all ages. We have taught people from the age of 5 to 75. 


School children benefit hugely from learning a musical instrument that is proven to increase certain functions of the brain which can also transfer to improving their language and math ability.... Not to mention how much awesome fun they can have and building their confidence and self esteem!


As for adults, why does all the fun have to stop once we leave school? Heaps of adults of all ages come to the Studios to learn music and find it a fantastic way to relax, have something for themselves in this stressful and busy life and have loads of fun!!

Performance Opportunities


Performance opportunities are available throughout the year for students wanting to participate.

We encourage students to take part but it is by all means optional. 


These opportunities are offered as an opportunity for those wanting something to aim for, and a really fun experience to share with family and friends. 


We have two concerts a year, aswell as varying themed workshops. 


We also inform students of eisteddfords, local events, music theatre auditions or help with getting gigs for the aspiring musician. 


Whether it be playing at our concerts with fellow students for all abilities or a professional gig - we have a performance opportunity to suit you!

Mission Statement 


Our mission is to provide students of all ages the opportunity to explore and experiment with music.


We provide a fun, interactive and creative environment that allows students to progress at their own pace.


students are inspired by qualified, passionate and experienced teachers.


Our Secret For Success For Students


Our secret to success for students- choose a style you love 


practise with dedication -not only quantity but quality; we’ll show you how!


communicate with your teacher 


have goals to work towards and most importantly of all HAVE FUN!!

AMEB Examinations


AMEB examinations are another way of creating goals to work towards which are recognised throughout Australia and overseas. 


Not to mention the feedback and learning experiences you gain when going through this process!   


Students can also be assisted through VCE music or any other course where needed.

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