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 Piano lessons at BillieRose Music Studios can be geared to almost any genre.  


Using scales and pieces, skills are developed at the pace that is needed for the student, with exercises also created to strengthen any weaknesses if needed.             


"You can play all the right notes with the best technique in the world, but if you don’t have “you” in there, there’s no music, it’s just paint by numbers”.  


And, while there is great importance placed on technique and knowledge of music and piano, there is special attention on developing each student’s expression and imagination which is unique to them.

This can be nurtured from the very first lesson at any age. 


Developing the artist and creative aspect to every student is of paramount importance.

At BillieRose Music Studios, we believe it is the essence of music. 



“It’s amazing how students respond when they are given direction and something to aim for. It makes them fly. 


Whether it be exams, an audition, a performance or concert, the next book or even a sing a long at home with family and friends.”

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